Thursday, May 29, 2008

Need help to make your website search engine friedly & optimized for better rankings?

Well you have come to the right place....

My name is Mohit Jain and I am an SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist from New Delhi in India and I can help you to significantly improve your web site's visibility over the web and search engines giants such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc

Are you thinking why do I need an SEO Consultant?

Let me tell you if you really need an SEO Consultant's Help or Not? Just key in the two words of your main product / service into the (for example, if you sells online greeting cards, then you must type online cards, e cards, e cards online, etc) . And check out the first 3 pages of Google, here if you can see your website in those three pages, then you just need to maintain those positions / rankings and if you can not find your site in first three pages, then it's a problem then and you should hire a SEO Consultant in Delhi immediately. He can only guide you thru the required course of action and what all should be done in order to gain the search engine rankings and what should be avoided.